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Campaign Banks

With the 2016 U.S. Presidential election drawing closer, we, in the financial services sector, are taking note of the increasing level of campaign contributions being deposited into the coffers of a select number of banks that are geared toward serving the financial needs of both Republican and Democratic candidates. Some of these banking institutions are “household names” within the sector, while others are small and little noticed.

Campaigns face financial risk from bank deposits that are in excess of $250,000, as they are not fully covered by FDIC Insurance.

You can view the TOP 100 BANKS WITH UNINSURED DEPOSITS by clicking here.

Additionally, reputation risk can arise from reported troubles, or the possible failure, of a bank holding sizable dollars owned by a candidate for public office. Hence, the strength and stability of a financial institution holding Presidential campaign contributions is crucial, and both measuring and monitoring those qualities require assessments of:

          Capitalization - the protection afforded by parties with an equity stake in the institution.

          Asset Quality - the condition of the institution’s loans and investments.

          Management – whether federal or state regulators are criticizing management.

          Earnings - the contribution obtained from ongoing operations.

          Liquidity - the ability to fund the needs of depositors, borrowers, staff, and business relations.

          Sensitivity to Market Risk - long term investments add to, have no effect on, or subtract from earnings.

          Regulatory Risk – the affect a weak bank subsidiary has on the rest of the subsidiaries.

          Opportunity Risk – the level of stress that mergers or acquisitions play on the institution’s viability.

VERIBANC, with a long track record for both financial acumen and complete independence within the financial services sector, can readily assess and closely monitor the ongoing suitability of any banking institution for holding campaign contributions. Contact us to learn about our methodologies and reports.

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