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Enhanced Reg. F Package (Limitations on Interbank Liabilities) This offer includes the following:

   1. Four quarters of detailed data covering up to 12 banks on a quarterly basis for one year.

   2. Definitions of terms and variables relating to the data.

   3. A Board of Directors Handbook developed by VERIBANC and accepted by examiners included with a paid subscription.

   4. A copy of the Reg. F as issued by the Federal Reserve included with a paid subscription.

Benefits to you:

   ** Cost savings - improved productivity (better use of internal resources) for a $350 annual investment.

   ** Board of Directors handbook - developed by VERIBANC and vetted by examiners - to guide the board in meeting Reg. F requirements.

   ** Depth and breadth of data provided that meet both Reg. F demands as well as competitive intelligence.

   ** Advance correspondent bank warning indicators to help avoid capitalization issues.


   Four (4) quarters of the Enhanced Reg. F report with up to 12 banks, is $350/annually.

How to order:

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